Oct 21, 2009

'Tiel Talk

Hello. It's not Reba this time... it's Billy Bob, one of the young male cockatiels that live here as well. I am weary of sharing my cage with Bubba because Bubba is a bully!! Yes, he most definitely is that. Oh, he is also a young male 'tiel, by the way. When we came to live here we were in a large steel cage with Angel & Stud Muffin, then were moved into a smaller cage due to the fact that it was all that was available at the time and our new "Mom", as this human seems to enjoy being called, wanted to give Angel & Stud Muffin privacy so that when they are ready they can start giving her some "grand birds". Also, well.... us young studs wanted to have Angel as our mate, therefore we kept trying to talk her into dumping S.M. for one of us. So now we each require our own living quarters and our own mates. I suppose we must locate the best web directory for birds and bird related items. Or maybe we will find something on Kijiji one day soon. That is where we were advertised when Mom found us and gave us a new home.

This is a photograph of the most beautiful Angel... and me in the background, working my way ever closer to my lady love, to no avail.

The one sitting on the yellow feeder is Stud Muffin, Angel's mate. The other one, with the yellow & orange, is Bubba.


Thom said...

I love the names. Thanks for sharing this. You are a good girl :) WOOF WOOF...There's an award for you and mom on my blog on Monday and there will be another one for you both tomorrow :)

Andre Stegplatten said...

I don't know the name of this bird but when I saw the pics love to see the bird. great blog thanks for the pics because i never saw this bird.