Oct 2, 2009

Trickin' My Ride

Mom has been working real hard on tricking out my ride lately. Of course she thinks she's fixing up her truck, but 'we' know better don't we. Arf, arf, arf. She's sanded and painted the roof and the hood and several other spots. My ride now looks like a appaloosa horse woof all it's spots 'n dots of black paint on teal truck. Mom says it will help save the truck from the rust though. I think she should get one of those dash kits to make the dash look fancy too. We'll see, maybe she'll get the idea too. Woof the weather getting colder and rainy she'll soon have to take off that steel rack she just painted and put the canopy back on to protect me from the weather. My Mom 'Bean treats me real well, whoof!! There is a hole in to roof of my canopy, and Mom is going to have to fix it fur me woof some fiberglass. I'll tell ya all more about it when she gets it done.


Anonymous said...

Reba girl...where's the picture so we can see this spiffy new pimped ride? hmmm

Reba said...

Thom - Mom took some piktures of my ride but not of the finished job yet. She'll get some taken soon & they'll get posted fur sure.