Oct 16, 2009

Just Talking

It got real cold here for awhile and I didn't like that at all. Now it's warm again so lots nicer. I had to stay home today cuz Mom was real busy woof stuff she had to do. I'm still home alone, out in my run while waiting fur Mom to come home. Good thing she left me her 'other' laptop. Works good that way now that she has a new one. She thought the HP was about to die even tho it was only 1 1/2 years old, cuz it makes bad noises a bunch and fur awhile the monitor was all weird. Anyway, since she doesn't take it woof her anymore it is running better and I sometimes get to use it when Mom is away. Arf, arf, arf. But I digress.... it was being out here that I was talking about. The light is off so I'm out here in the dark and woof no heat. Not that there's heat in the house now either mind you, cuz Mom furgot to put a bag of pellets into the stove before she left and it only runs so long woof out a new bag of pellets... so it is probably chilly inside too. Still though, I think Mom should get home real soon and let me inside and feed me and the pellet stove. I don't need weight loss supplement... I just shiver off any excess fat. Where oh where is my MOOOOOMMMMM!! I know... I'll just bark at some coyotes fur awhile till she gets home. I know she'll be here soon and I'm hoping she's bringing me some pasta fur my dinner.

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