Oct 30, 2009

Triple Murder

Yesterday, Paco the Indian Ringneck Parrot murdered 3 of Mom's plants. I thought Mom was going to give him some Samsonite luggage and send him packing! But she didn't. She grabbed him in her hand, something she never does by the way, and stuffed him into his cage, then closed the door. She said he was in custody fur murder. He was locked up all day and only allowed out fur the evening 'til he went to sleep. Today DW, the other Indian Ringneck Parrot, took a bite out of another plant. She was very soon in custody fur attempted murder. There's dirt all over from those two digging in the plants too. Don't know why they started doing this lately. They never did it before, just started since Mom moved a few things around in this room. Crazy birds!! But Mom sure seems to love them.

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Meet People said...

Hey Reba! Let me say first of all that you're one gorgeous canine and that I really enjoy reading about your adventures. Congrats to you mom for putting together such a fun blog.