Oct 30, 2009

My Day

I got to go fur a ride today in my truck woof Mom. We drove out to our friend Tuggy's place and I waited in the truck while Mom went inside to visit. Later I saw his car leave and I can't say fur sure but I think Mom was in there and they went out another door. Later on, when they came back, they went back in the house fur awhile then came out and took me out of the truck. we went fur a short walk so I could go potties which I really appreciated bunches. They sure have lots of cats there, a momma cat & lots of babies. As far as cats go I guess they were real cute. One was even brave enough to come close to me when all the rest were scared to. I scared it real fast, arf arf. Mom got mad at me fur having fun. Hey, my teeth didn't actually connect woof the little fur ball, it was real fast on it's 4 feet.

I got to thinking... I've heard of 'term life' and of cats having 9 lives each... so are these the same kinda thing? Like... is each life a term that the cat lives? Anyway, if there were 6 cats there, and each one has 9 lives, that's like... ummmm... oh ya, 54 lives, right there in one yard!! Boggles the mind.

Then we went to another friend's home and Mom went into their house to visit awhile. Then they all came out and I got to run around in their yard fur awhile & both DJ & Rolland petted me. I played in snow in their yard that we don't have yet. Then we came home.

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quilly said...

But Reba, one doesn't earn doggie cookies by scaring cats!