Oct 14, 2009

I got a needle

A week or two ago in human years, Mom took me to a critter doctor, called a vet. We don't believe in getting shots, but Mom decided that I had to get a rabies shot. You see, she was hoping we'd be going to visit her friend in the USA, and to cross the border a rabies shot is required fur a dog. So we went and got me one, but to get one you have to have an examination by the vet first. Woopie, like as if he did anything much to earn the big bucks they charge fur this. Anyway, he looked at my teeth and listened to my heart & lungs, then had Mom weigh me (I'm about 85 pounds). Then he stuck me woof that needle. He said I'm really great!! He said that most rotties are overweight and that their people tell him it's muscle, but there is still lots of fat woof the muscle... but I'm perfect woofout being overweight at all. Mom had to do stuff to make my food more interesting this summer cuz I was getting too skinny and I've never been fat. I watch what I eat. Mom doesn't have to feed me pet supplements or anything special like that to keep me healthy, she just gives me a cheapo-beepo brand of dog food and gives me scraps sometimes or raw meet when she has it, sometimes a raw carrot (I love them) or a piece of apple (love them too). Also, she soaks my food sometimes or puts raw eggs on it fur me. I love it when she does stuff like this, makes my dinner more yummy.

Anyway, it cost Mom about 4 big 18kg (40 lb) bags of dog food to get me that rabies shot, one of those bags lasts more than a month, so probably about 6 months worth of my dog food... and now we're not even going to the USA!! Well, maybe in the spring or next summer, but not now.


Anonymous said...

But Reba my girl you found out that you are in good health and now protected against rabbies. That makes it all worth it :)

quilly said...

Well, Reba, at least you have your rabies shots and you will stay safe and well!