Sep 11, 2009

Piktures of ME.

Whoof!! Hi my friends. It's been awhile since I got here, I've been busy. Ya, I know, you people think us dogs don't do much of anything but lay around and sleep and while I must admit I do a bit of that I do still do other things. I go fur rides in the truck woof Mom every chance I get and that's happening more now that the weather is cooled down a bit, and I go fur walks at the Dog Park when Mom can take me there. Lately I've even been thinking about how to do diet pill reviews woof out saying if I like 'em or don't like 'em. I wouldn't want my opinion to sway people after all. Arf, arf, arf.

So anyways, I promised Thom one day that I'd get Mom to take some photos of me the way I ride in the truck. Here they are. Arf, arf.


Anonymous said...

WOOT Reba...what a good looking dog you are. I so love you ya know. And you are such a good doggie to your mom. :) *leans down and gives Reba the cookies he promised to give her :) Thank you so much for posting these photos. You be a good girl now ya hear :)

Quilly said...

Reba, you are a beauty! i see Thom already gave you some doggy cookies, but here are a couple from me, too. Just don't tell your Mom Bean, okay?

Reba said...

Nummmmmies nummies.... good cookies, Thom. Did you bake 'em yurself? Thanks fur them and fur the compliments. I am good looking, aren't I, and humble too. Whoof!! I iz glad you love me and if you was here I'd give you a big (and I do mean big) kiss!!

Thanks to you too Quilly. You people in Hawaii sure are nice. And yur doggie cookies are good too. I won't tell Mom 'Bean then, but she's okay woof me having cookies. She's trying to put some weight on me anyway and I know there's lots of good healthy nutrition in all the cookies I gets on my blog. Bark!!

Anonymous said...

Me bake Reba? pffft...I have to buy everything LOL. Have a good one and hugs back to you. PS that's a good reflection of mom in the first picture :)