Sep 12, 2009


I think I need the services of a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney. Mom 'Bean was walking down the street the other day and by accident saw a motorcycle she wants to buy. I want to find a way to stop her from having such a conveyance. If she has one of them she'll go all over the country woofout me cuz I can't safely ride on one of those. She would like to have one woof a side car fur me, or have a trike so she can have a place on the back of it fur me, and I'm not sure if I'd like that or not. She has ridden the back of lots of bikes but has never driven one, she hadn't even ridden one fur many years, not since our old friend Gil quit riding his BMW, then he died. Now this year she got to go on a ride and it's all back big time in her blood, she 'has' to ride and doesn't have anyone who can take her riding as often as she wants to go so thinks she has to have her own. This guy said she could make payments on his bike and take the bike home when it's paid fur. Mom's friend Tuggy thinks it would be a good bike fur Mom and said he'd go look at it woof her to make sure. I do think she's now kinda possibly maybe likely made up her mind to wait and save her money then buy one in the spring cuz she feels not good about debt and making payments. Guess time will tell.

See, this is evidence!! There's no place fur me to ride!!

She has to be stopped!!

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Thom said...

Awww I so agree with you Reba...ban the cycles :)