Aug 24, 2009

A Good Day!!

Today I got to go fur a ride in the truck and a walk in the dog park. I haven't been getting to go along woof Mom very often cuz it was so hot, and now that it's a bit cooler I got to go along. I really loved it. I got to visit woof other people and other dogs, and to run free and to drink from the creek. It was good fur Mom to walk to, though she brought some books along to work on at a picnic table so didn't walk as much as I think she should have. If she had been walking instead of sitting she would have avoided the 'Bible Thumper'. He walks his dog Lady up there and too often starts preaching to Mom, likely to other people too. Mom doesn't like that at all. She has her own beliefs and doesn't like having someone trying to shove their beliefs down her troat. He makes it hard fur her to get away woof out being rude. Today she finally asked him "Where do you think God is?" and he said everywhere. She said "So you mean God is in this picnic table, in this tree..." and he cut her off, as he always does, and said no, not there. She said "So then, you don't believe God is everywhere. You said he's everywhere and now you're saying everywhere except there, and there, and there." She hopes she gave him something to think about. He probably went straight home and is reading his Bible trying to find the answer or at least twist the words to somehow make him right that God is everywhere except.... Finally we just walked away saying Mom had a dinner date. Yup, she did... a dinner date at home woof herself and she didn't want to be later fur that, arf arf arf. I think Mom needs some new shoes so she can walk more and better woof me. Maybe some MBT shoes would be good. Her other ones are getting pretty worn out. Her back needs to have special care, including thingies in her shoes to support her feet better. She's been doing well this summer, feeling better than often.

Well, off to the great outdoors to go potty one last time, then off to my bed. Night night all you hoomans and critters alike.

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Quilly said...

Reba, tell your mom I got such a person to actively avoid me by being prepared with my own literature and my own presentation. I greeted the fellow with, "Hi, you've been sharing your beliefs with me so freely and talking about being open and excepting to new ideas, so I know you will be open and accepting to mine ...and then I started. And he left."