Feb 26, 2011


A while ago this morning I heard one of my birds squawking and went to see what was up.  Not that Charlie hadn't squawked before, but it just seemed I should go see what was up. I sure am glad I did.  DW had gotten out of her cage, I had left it unlocked, and had climbed up to Charlies cage which sits on top of hers.  Charlie is a Cockatiel and DW an Indian Ringneck Parrot, around twice the size of Charlie.  She was sitting ever so innocently near his cage though not on it when I arrived in that room, and he was laying on the floor of his cage.  I thought at first he may have had a heart attack or something as he is older and came to me recently from a home where there was often smoking... he is not as healthy as my other birds or as other cockatiels I've known that were twice his age.  Anyway, I put DW back in her cage then looked closer at Charlie and saw blood on broken toes.  He must have been on the cage wall and had his toes outside and available to DW and she bit a few of them. Poor little Charlie.  I think he would have stayed on the floor and died had I not been there, but I reached in and picked him up.  I got some very nasty bites before I finally 'woke up' and wrapped him in my nightgown so he couldn't bite me any more.  I rushed him into the bathroom and got out the Kwik Stop powder which stopped any more bleeding, I had lots of blood on my hands and it was all his.  I've given him water and he has been sitting on my shoulder for some time now.  He seems okay and I am sure he will recover from this trauma.  I will be a whole lot more careful in future about locking DW's cage.  I love her, she is such an awesome bird, and yet she does have the nasty habit of hurting any other bird she comes in contact with.

I think I will go get something to eat now before I have to rush off to a birthday party this afternoon.  I will put Charlie back in his cage and check the food and water of all my animals.  I think I will grab the bag of mixed nuts (colon cleanser for me) and munch on some of them while I make Oatmeal and take care of my animals.  I also must get dressed and drive to town so better run.

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