Feb 25, 2011

A Good Day

Ahhhh, the is the life.  Here I sit in my big armchair with a fire burning in the stove so I am nice and toasty warm in my home though the temperature is -14°C outside and forecast to reach -17°C tonight.  My cat, Mewsic is curled up beside me in my chair, my nice hot cup of tea is on the table beside me as are the 2 remote controls, one for the TV and one for the PVR.

I had a very nice day today.  First I texted with a good friend of mine... then off to town to my physio therapy appointment for work on my wrists.  After that I grabbed a very tasty Chicken Pesto Wrap at the health food store and took it with me to the Food Bank where I put in 2 hours doing volunteer work.  Next I picked up some garlic crystals and mixed nuts and headed home.  I had some things I had to do here.  Now here I sit.  During ads on TV I like to do other things like Sudoku or blog or surf the net and research things.  Maybe I'll go read about adipex diet pills, or maybe I'll research a stone I was told about that I want to know more about, though I would have to get up and go find the paper where I wrote down the name.  I could even grab the Sudoku book off the exercise bike beside my chair... hmmmm... maybe I'll even write another blog post.  Life has so many options and I do love to explore them.

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