Feb 25, 2011

Being Lazy

Here I sit... and sit... and sit in my armchair, watching TV.  I'm watching a movie called the Earthling, with William Holden, Ricky Schroder, Jack Thompson. (1980)  A terminally ill man teaches a boy how to survive in the Australian bush.  That's what the write up is on it.  So far a young boy was with his parents in a motor home, he was outside while his parents were inside and I'm not really sure how it got started but the motor home was moving down the hill and 'dad' couldn't stop it so it went over a huge cliff.  Now the kid is alone out there with snakes and all sorts of other scary creatures... now he's just found an older man sleeping and decided to steel his food but got scared off when the guy woke up.

I think I should get off this chair and onto my exercise bike, also known as my fat burner, haha.  I need to peddle for at least 30 minutes... and I just don't really feel like doing it. The exercise also lowers my blood sugar levels and helps to lower my cholesterol levels too, so really is very important.

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