Nov 19, 2010

My day

I've had a great day today.  It started with waking up to find Mewsic, my beloved car, curled up with me and of course my Indian Ringneck Parrot, DW, was in her cage near my bed.  As I lay there deciding whether to get up or to roll over and go back to sleep the phone rang, a number I didn't recognize but I answered anyway.  It was my long time, dear friend Wanda saying she was in the next town visiting her brother and would be over about 11 to visit me.  While I waited I did a couple things around home, including design a Roll Call sheet for my TOPS and KOPs group.  It was wonderful to visit Wanda and her boyfriend of about 10 months, so nice to see she is in a good and serious relationship after all these long years.  It's been about 6 years since we saw each other so had lots to talk about, just too bad I had a 2pm appointment in town so we had to say good-bye for now.

I rushed into town to my physio appointment where Pam worked on both of my wrists, the right 'sprained' wrist as well as the left 'shattered' wrist. My first treatment on the left wrist was Wednesday and I've been doing exercises at home since then as well as having it 'wanded' (will tell about this eventually). Pam, the physio therapist, said she already sees some improvement in the range of motion.

I went to A&W as I had a little over an hour between appointments and I was hungry. I ate a Spicy Mama burger with 2 cups of tea as I visited with a fellow that was there whom I've known for many years.

Next was the Chiropractor appointment to have my neck and right wrist/hand worked on again.

I went to Dollarama and got a new pair of gloves as I can't seem to remember where I put the ones I had last winter and with the sudden sub zero temperatures and the snow arriving yesterday, I need gloves.

Over to Joyce & Paul's house for a visit for around an hour or so, then home.  Ahhh, finally home. Now I am watching TV as I blog... my left wrist is shooting pains into my hand and up my arm as it is still a strain to type with this hand but type with it I must and I will.  I am very tired and know I will not need sleeping pills tonight, nor will I be up half the night reading and waiting to fall asleep.  I will be happy to crawl into my bed early tonight and to go straight into Dreamland.


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