Nov 15, 2010


My Indian Ringneck Parrot, DW, is driving me just a little crazy these days.  I don't like to keep her locked up in her cage all the time but just don't know what else to do with her to keep her out of trouble.  I guess I might have to clip her wings so she can't fly and maybe that would help a lot, though I really don't like to clip birds wings. 

DW is such a sweetheart, so cuddly and lovable, but always getting into trouble. She likes to pick and chew at things she isn't supposed to (wires on back of electronics, antique radio, etc.) and get into plants as digging and throwing dirt out of the plant pot is a favorite pass time for this girl. I have to keep her in my bedroom because if she is in the living room she picks fights with the other birds that live here (if she's out of her cage) and she nearly killed Miracle, my Pacific Parrotlet, about a year ago. 

DW loves to bath, so likes to ride on my shoulder when I go to the kitchen faucet and fill her bath dish with water, or sometimes she even likes to hop off and bath right there in the sink.  She loves to sit on my shoulder and eat out of my mouth during my meal, or pull my earrings out of my ears (as if I don't loose them too easily already).  I really love this bird and it makes her & I both sad that she has to spend so much time in her cage, but to let her out lately is a full time job just following her around getting her before she destroys something important or makes a huge mess.  The more I think about it, the more I think I will have to cut her wing feathers to keep her out of trouble and so we can both enjoy life more.

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