Nov 16, 2010


Do you dream while awake?  Maybe you have dreams about your future career, or about a vehicle you would love to have, or that perfect romantic relationship.  I dream about some of those kind of things and one of my biggest dreams is about renovations to my home.  I want to build a big deck in the back yard, overlooking the lake and the lower part of my yard.  I also want to re-do my entire kitchen with new cabinets, more counter tops, much more cupboard space, bins and drawers, a new sink, maybe Grohe faucets. I also want to have to walls done in drywall rather than the paneling and wall paper they have now.  I want to put new siding on the outside with more insulation underneath the siding.  Things like that would make my home very nice.  Maybe I would even take out the living room window and put in French doors there.  Yes, dreaming... and dreams are good.

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