Nov 15, 2010

Just Weight

Do you know which are the  top ten diet pills?  I don't have a clue, but what I do know is that I have to make some really big changes in my life if I want to look good and be healthy.  The last while, each week when I go to be weighed in, I have gained rather than lost weight.  This is going in the wrong direction!!  I have been eating too many scones and though I have cut back on them, I am still eating too many.  Also, a friend of mine has been taking me out for dinner fairly often lately and this is not always good diet wise though it is great in other ways.  On Friday evening we went out to a great restaurant where I had BBQ Ribs, very yummy and yet not low calorie.  Last night it was 'all you can eat' fish & chips.  I peel the batter off my fish before eating it which is a good thing to do, though I am sure I still consumed 1000 calories or more in that one meal.  Today so far I've eaten 2 scones.  How much exercise have I had the last few days?  None.  I've been busy cleaning my home and trying to organize it which is a very big, tiring job so by the time I do this for awhile I am tired and sore so don't feel like getting onto my exercise bike and peddling for 30 minutes, or for any time at all. I must start to do the exercise even if I don't want to, and must make better food choices. 

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