Nov 17, 2010


It is pretty dark out right now from all the clouds in the sky and in about 2 hours it really will be dark.  These short days really are not to my liking, nor is the dark, dingy weather.  There was some sunshine today for awhile, a short while, and before that there was rain... I suspect there will be rain again before this day is done.  The forecasts are for snow to arrive soon... yuck.  I would really love to go on vacation somewhere that is not so effected by this time of year... maybe to Australia, or to Hawaii, or even to Outer Banks vacation rental.  Keywords to where I want to go include: sea shore, lots of daylight hours, sun shine, warmth, handsome men, laughter, fun, motorcycle riding, and many more.  I want to sit on a warm, sunny beach and read my books.

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