Nov 17, 2010

Healthy Weight

Today I went to my first physio therapy on my broken left wrist.  For the next while I will be going there 2x per week as well as doing many exercises on the wrist on my own.  I also will be having physio therapy on my right wrist that is sprained and on my neck for whiplash. 

After physio I went to my doctor's office for my regular diabetic check up with the health nurse. Unfortunately I was 20 minutes late due to the physio taking longer than I had thought it would.  When making the appointment with physio I did tell that I had an 11:00 appointment at the doctor so I thought they would give me enough time which they/she didn't.  Anyway, I did get to see Jennifer the nurse for a short while and have an appointment to go again in January.  My A1C blood test result is 6.2 which is very good, though Jennifer wants me to do regular blood tests and record food intake and exercise again.  This is a good thing for my health and blood sugar/diabetes stuff, and also for my weight.  I've been totally out of control with my eating lately and not exercising as much as I should.  Now I have to write down all this stuff that should keep me accountable for what I eat/drink and how much I move as well as how these things effect my blood glucose levels.  I knew I had gained a lot and was reading about Lipofuze yesterday.  Now I am seeing it as a good thing that I have to do this journal type thing.  Jennifer weighed me... down 1Kg = 2.2 pounds since our last meeting, but my waste measures over an inch more than it did.... With the broken wrist I have lost a LOT of muscle in my left arm while gaining fat around my waste... not good at all.  I must get this back under control!!!

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