Nov 12, 2010

TO DO List

Some of the things on my TO DO list today have been done... some to do with ICBC (Insurance Corporation Of British Columbia), getting my pellet stove cleaned because with a broken wrist I can't do it myself this year, doing some blogging, feeding my birds & cat.  There are still several things on the list yet to be done.
- purchase ink cartridges for my printer
- meet Joyce & go swimming
- return book & movies to Wendy
- do some house cleaning
- 30 minutes on my exercise bike
- go out for dinner with Andrew & help him with his speech for next Toastmaster meeting (I am coaching/mentoring him through his first 3 speeches)

Right now all I want to do is have a nap.... sigh.  I have no good reason to feel so tired, but I just do anyway.

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