Nov 15, 2010

Trike Rebuild Ideas

I spend time each day thinking about my trike and about building a new one with parts from the old one as well as with other parts to make it different and even more unique than the last one.  I mostly think about how to make the box different. On the first trike, the box was a metal frame with cedar wood sides which looked great for the first while, but the wood didn't hold up as well as it could and after the crash it was left outside in the tow truck impound lot, then in the insurance company impound lot and it was rained on a lot during that time, so the wood now looks terrible.  It needed to be kept dry to stay looking as nice as it did in the start and I always tarped the trike when at home if it looked like rain, though did have to ride in rain a few times so in time the wood would not have looked good anyway.  I think about all sorts of different ways to do a different box, for example, use a small teardrop shaped box, or make it out of Ferrari parts, or an old trunk, even a wine barrel or beer keg.  I am sure that when the time is right something will present itself to me that will be just perfect for the job.

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