Nov 2, 2010


I am so grateful to have my wonderful cat, Mewsic, in my life.  She is such a joy as she loves to cuddle with me often, and I rarely have to sleep alone.  I'm sure that even on the nights I go to sleep with her in the living room instead of on my bed, she comes in to join me after awhile. I don't think she was terribly happy with me last night so didn't stay here long as I was tossing & turning more than I was actually sleeping and of course that disturbs her sleep.  Have you ever heard the fairy tale about The Princess & The Pea?  It's the one where they decide to check to be sure she's really a princess and not an impostor, so without her knowing they put a pea under the bottom mattress of a whole stack of mattresses, and when she sleeps there & wakes in the morning complaining of being sore due to the lump they know she's a real princess.  Well, I think Mewsic is a true princess, mind you, every cat is, lol, but she likes to sleep on pillows stacked up on my bed just like a stack of mattresses.  I also love the way she looks, being a Tortoise Shell with white she's patches of black, white & orange. I thought I had a photo to share with you of my Mewsic, and see I don't have on this computer... guess I better do something about that.

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Richard Boost said...

I think you love him very much. As they are more getitng like our family members. And hence you should do more care of him.