Dec 29, 2010

New Business

I recently started a new business designed to help people reduce or eliminate pain and to get healthier.  As well as purchasing business office supplies, I also have been purchasing some of the products for myself and so that I can demonstrate them to people that might be interested.  I have a Black Tipped AMWand and have some bracelets on order.  There was a great Christmas Special where they were selling 3 bracelets at a great price so I ordered them, 2 for me and 1 for a friend.  I also have a Silver Tipped AMWand on order for another gal.  I needed to order a certain number of dollars worth of product to become Platinum and start my business of with a bang, and I managed to do it, thanks to my  upline, Bruce.  He introduced me to the gal that wanted the Wand which I am giving her at my cost just to get what I needed to get the business off the ground in the way I wanted it to be, and he is taking the 3rd bracelet for his girlfriend.  I have lots of things to read, videos to watch, etc to learn about the products well enough to be good at telling people about them... they really work.

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