Jun 3, 2010

Mom's Struggle

Mom had a gain at TOPS last week, and another one this week. She has been having a hard times staying away from high fat & high sugar foods lately. Part of this is cuz she's been eating woof friends lately but she knows she can't blame that on them alone cuz she eats things when she's not woof friends too. She does volunteer work at the Food Bank so handles lots of stuff like doughnuts and cheese breads and cookies and muffins and she loves these kind of foods so much that it's hard not to eat some of it when she is allowed to have it and it's free. Well, she's allowed to have it as in the people there say it's okay so she snacks a bit while working. She's not allowed to have it from the point of view that 1. she's trying to loose weight, 2. she's diabetic, 3. she's got high cholesterol. She better smarten up or she'll have to go on drugs from her doctor for the cholesterol. She'd think about "order Phentermine" or some other thing like that to help woof the weight loss but she doesn't believe in that kind of thing. Guess she just needs to make herself get back to eating healthy and exercising.

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