Jun 18, 2010

Dreams Come True

Fur a long time now, Mom 'Bean has wanted to fix up our yard... to make it look pretty and to be more useful and functional fur her. She loves the idea of having an outdoor fireplace where she can sit and enjoy the flames on summer nights. She would like to cook on it and to invite friends over to enjoy it too. Things can get pretty dry around here during our Okanagan summers, so there are strict laws around fires and such. Mom plans to call and find out about these laws, but isn't sure where to call and keeps getting busy woof other things and furgetting to look into this. She would like to have a store bought one or a homemade one built out of bricks. I think it will be real nice to sit out in the yard woof Mom and maybe some of her/our friends while all the other critters are in the house and we are enjoying a nice fire. Yup.... we'll keep dreamin' cuz, as a nice charm our friend DJ gave Mom said... Dreams Come True!

In the meantime, Mom has a garden this year planted in some old bath tubs that people were going to throw away and Mom brought them home instead of them going to the dump. Mom always wanted raised bed gardens and finally she has 'em. Yup, another dream come true.


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