Jun 2, 2010

Sleep Over Party

My hooman friend Tuggy doesn't have car insurance cuz he doesn't have a car. He rides a motor cycle woof 3 wheels, called a trike. A big red Harley trike to be exact. It's not quite like Mom's trike, but they both have 3 wheels. Tonight Tuggy phoned Mom and asked if he could spend the night here cuz it's raining real hard and he didn't want to ride all the way out to his place, a half hour past our place. Mom said he could stay here but has to sleep woof ME!!! I likes that cuz he tastes good when I lick his face. Arf, arf. arf. He pets me lots and likes me lots so I likes him. We're gonna have a sleep over party. I'm going to get the dog cookies fur us to eat. See you later.

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