Jul 13, 2011


I love my new dog, Indaway... though have discovered that during the time I had no dog my life has changed more than I realized. I don't really have time for a dog anymore, or at least not during the summer months. I am, most days, off somewhere on my motorcycle rather than at home with a dog. I used to take Reba with me in the truck most everywhere I went year round, but now during the summer I no longer have the truck on the road, I change the insurance from the truck over to the trike (3 wheel motorcycle), so I can not take Indaway with me when I go. Also, some places I go do not allow dogs. For example, the end of this month I want to go to Rock Creek, BC to Boogie Bash, a motorcycle event where dogs and children are not allowed, just adult humans. I need a doggy sitter and the one I thought I had is no longer available to me. Sadly I may have to stay home that weekend instead of going off with friends to have a good time. Not only does this dog get in-da-way when I'm trying to do house or yard work, but it appears he also will get in-da-way of my life at times. As much as I do love Indaway, I am thinking about how wise it is to keep him.

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