Jul 16, 2011

My Triike

About 2 weeks ago I had some problems with my trike. While I was riding it, the frame broke!! There were 4 bars going from the motorcycle to the car axle and the metal on one of them broke while the welds on 2 others broke. I am so very grateful that the other bar held together. I did not want to take it back to the people who had built the trike for me since this was not the first problem I had with their work, so I took it to a fellow that does motor home repairs as well as lawn mowers and golf carts. He really seems to know his stuff and did a wonderful job not only repairing the breakage, but changing the frame somewhat to make it stronger and better so this does not happen again in future. He also did not like the way the back brakes were done, so he changed some on them too. So far I have no reason to complain about his work and every reason to be grateful he was available to do the job when I needed him. It's a good thing I am a member of some motorcycle groups, social riders getting together to enjoy their motorcycles, as that is how I met this man.

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