Sep 19, 2010

Pics of Trike

I just couldn't wait to see hoe it felt!
My wonderful Reba Jane Rottenweiler after her first ride.... wanting her second one.  Yup, she got it.
Sad... this is after the crash.
Note the bent frame, bent forks, cracked fork, etc.

I can't seem to get this program to work right.  Blogger has made changes to the photo part of things, changing a simple, user friendly program that I have joyfully used for years into a problematic, not-user-friendly situation.  Very frustrating and most time wasting.  This may be the last photos I ever upload to either of my blogs.  Sad!

So I will have to explain here that the top photo was taken the day I bought the bike.

The story that goes with these photos can be found here.

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