Sep 22, 2010

My Future?

I have been thinking a lot about the why behind the crash as I feel there is always a purpose back of all things.  I may never actually know why the woman in the car & I were drawn together in this way, but I do know there is/was some reason.  Another thing I know is that I want to make something good come of this.  I have been thinking about how to do this, and I think it is going to involve A.I.M.CAN ( Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists of Canada).  Through their internet web site & a couple of local A.I.M. reps, learn more , about them & what I can do to help promote Motorcycle Awareness & Motorcycle Safety.  Too many cars hit and badly injure or kill people on motorcycles each year.  This has to change!!  With the cost of gasoline always going up, the fact that motorcycles use a lot less gas, and the fact that motorcycles & bicycles are so much healthier for the planet, we can only expect to see more & more of both these types of 'bikes' on our roads.  If cars "don't see" or don't respect motorcycles, don't expect it to be any safer for bicyclists, folks.  If you ride a bicycle you are in as much if not more danger than the person on a motorcycle.  I want to be part of changing this!! 

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