Sep 18, 2010

Fall Of The Year

It's already 18 September, my sister Marcy's birthday.  The days are getting shorter so fast, last night dark by 7:30pm.  It's even dark in my house in the day time & I want to hibernate.  The local fairs are over & kids are all back in school, some thinking about gmat prep.  At Toastmasters, it is fall contest time - Humorous Speech Contest & Table Topics Contest.  As President of my club, I have much to do, though I would like to bow out, having this shattered wrist to deal with.  Doing things with one hand can be a challenge, and being a 2 hand typist, even typing is now a very time consuming, tedious affair.   Oh well, I committed & will follow through.  I would like to compete in the speech contest, though at this time am having a challenge thinking of something funny to talk about.  I know some day I will likely look back on the MVA I was in & laugh... but it's still a bit too fresh & I'm not sure yet how to tell the story in such a way as to make people laugh at it.  Maybe I can work on that.... hmmm.

Yes, Time is Flying.  It is already the last half of September, summer is well over, a week has already passed since my crash, & before we know it, we'll all be singing Merry Christmas.

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