Sep 22, 2010


I don't know bout you, but I love yo read.  I rarely ever leave home without a book or something to read, a Sudoku book, and often a book to write in.

What kind of things do I read?  TOPS magazine, spiritual based books, self-help type books, various different web sites where I can learn about things I am interested in, gardening info, etc, etc. I used to read 'story' books, though I haven't had time to do so in a long time.  I get the Toastmasters magazine and know I should read it, though usually don't manage to find the time.  Guess I better start making the time for it as my growth as a Toastmaster is important to me.

What do I not read?  Most magazines, male enhancement reviews, financial stuff, newspapers, horror books, any topics that don't affect my current life or hold interest for me.

Do you read?

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