Sep 7, 2010

Dogs in my Thoughts

I have been checking out ads on Kijiji and in the local news paper, checking out the dogs for sale  ads.  Not that I am looking to buy one just now, but just want to keep in 'the know' of what's out there.  I so miss my Reba Jane Rottenweiler.  I get pleasure out of playing with other people's dogs.  D has a wonderful Red Healer named Daisy.  She is such a sweet & wonderful dog who likes to give kisses as well as running & playing.  She loves riding on the quad or running along beside it.  Daisy & Reba played together a few different times.  I believe that, though she hasn't seen me in months, Daisy still remembered who I was when she got to see me again recently.  When D tells her something, she clearly understands what he said.  She is one very smart dog.  D wants to breed her to a Blue Healer next spring and to give me one of the puppies.  I know I would love it, yet Healers are so high energy and I am not, so don't think I could give the dog enough exercise.  D lives out far enough in the country that he can run her with the truck or the quad... I don't.  Ah well, time will  tell.

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