Jun 19, 2011

Cel Phone Fiasco

In February I decided to enter into a new 3 year contract so I could get a new cel phone. I looked at a few and actually wanted to get one of the blackberry phones, but when I was talking to the gal at the Telus booth, I was told that you HAVE to have internet with one of these phones and i didn't want to pay the extra for internet hook-up on my phone when I have 2 laptops on internet. It just doesn't fit into my budget at this time. I ended up getting a nice phone with a slide out querty keyboard and liked it a lot. Last week I went to wash my jacket, checked all the outside pockets and forgot to check the inside pockets. My cel was in one of those unchecked pockets and ended up in a sink full of water. As I hand washed the jacket I felt the phone. I got it out right away and put it into a bowl of rice to dry it out, but unfortunately that wasn't enough. My cel was dead!!! Thankfully, a friend has given me his old cel to use until I can afford to buy a new one again, or to pay to restart my contract and get another free phone. I will be more careful from now on and make sure I check all pockets before washing things. This jacket is the only one I have that has inside pockets.

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