Jun 19, 2011

Strange Weather Patterns

This year the weather has been so unusually cold and rainy.  It is getting frustrating and many people are experiencing problems with depression due to the lack of sunshine and warm temperatures.  Many people are having to turn their heat on in June when we usually are using air conditioners around here.  I wouldn't mind getting a small infrared heater to be able to take the chill off in my home without having to light my pellet stove. I can put on an extra bit of clothing and this helps a lot, but my birds are tropical and need to be fairly warm to stay healthy, so it is important to not let the temperature in my home drop too low.

While some of us are in unusually cold weather and flood conditions, others in the world are suffering from unusually hot, dry weather and praying for some rain and cooler days.  The world is truly in upheaval.

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