Jun 25, 2011


If there was a trophies for the dog that got in the way the most, it would be won, hands down, by my new dog.  Now I really understand why, even though they had named him Bear, they called him Indaway.  This dog is always in the way whenever I try to do anything.  If I want to get something done in the house or outside, he has to be locked up or chained up to keep him safe and out of my way.  He got away the other day and very nearly got hit by a car on the highway out front of my home.  I saw it happen and was so scared for him!!!  Thank God they managed to avoid hitting him, and Thank God they were the kind of people to want to avoid hitting him.  Believe it or not, I have seen people that would swerve to hit a dog rather than swerve or brake to miss one.  Indaway is such a sweet heart.  He is currently laying on the floor near my chair, chewing on a bone I gave him earlier.  He has a lot to learn, and already he is a good dog... will get even better as he settles down and as he learns more.

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

So glad you have Indaway now. He'll be good company, like Reba was.