May 7, 2011

Spell Check

It's a good thing that computers have spell check as I'm not the greatest speller.  I always did well in English class in school, though never that well in Spelling class.  I find that the English language has a lot of strange glitches in the way they spell things and even the little verses that we learned in school only apply in some cases.  For example:  'i'  before 'e' except after 'c' works in lots of cases though there are acceptations to that rule. I also find it odd that words that sound alike aren't spelled alike (though ends with 'oh' sound.... go also ends with 'oh' sound as does snow).  I find it irritating when people write things wrong due to lack of knowledge of grammar and such.  For example: when someone writes 'I looked out and saw there car drive up'.  It should be 'their', not there.  There means 'over there' and their (notice the i is not before the e even though there is no c.  See, broke that rule.) means belonging to a person or people. They're is another often misused word which is short form for 'they are'. Their/there/they're!!  I think most people need more than spell check on their computer, some could really use a merriam collegiate dictionary!

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