May 21, 2011

Gardening - Seeds

I am pretty new at gardening.  Last year I did grow a small garden that was fairly successful, more so than ever before, so I am encouraged to grow more this year.  I planted lots of seeds in the house this winter and had far more success with then too than what I have had in past years.  Usually after spending all that money on seeds & starting them in the house I still have to buy bedding plants as nothing I grew from seed was usable.  This year I have lots of plant to move outside and will be doing so this coming week, though with this unusually cold weather I think I will cover them at night for awhile, just to be sure.  I was just reading about saving my own seeds as I plan to cut down on the expense of buying them.  At $2-4 per package for just a few seeds, I think it will be a good idea to harvest seeds.  I just read about doing so for spinach seeds and see the plants have to be picked then hung in to dry.  I have a small metal building in my back yard, near the garden, that will likely be a good place to hang the spinach plants when the time comes to do so.  For now I am greatly enjoying the fresh spinach I pick for my salads or smoothies.  I might freeze some later if I don't eat it all first.  Today I picked a bunch of it to take to Mom when I go visit  her shortly.  She will use it in smoothies as well, and will cook some too as that is the way she enjoys it while I want mine raw.  My kale & peas are coming nicely and the mixed lettuce that I planted is ready for me to dig into now.  I love having my own fresh veggies and could/would only grow them in raised beds.

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