Jan 20, 2010


You know I am a very healthy dog and have only ever been sick one time. That was last year around this time when I had real hard time breathing and Mom thought she was going to loose me. She would have too but she took me to a veterinarian who gave me bunches of pills to take and charged Mom around $400 or more. Now Mom feeds me lots of raw meat to keep me healthy & strong. I don't have to take hemorrhoidal treatment, and Mom has never seen me drag my butt cuz I never have had that problem. It's a good thing that I'm so healthy & I'm real happy too.

With my being 11 years old, it's a 'given' that my time woof Mom is nearing it's end. I know that this scares Mom whenever she thinks about it... so she doesn't let herself think about it often. She knows the chances are real good that I will out live the 'Rottweiler life expectancy' of 8-12 years, and she knows that sooner or later I will have to go. Wendy's dogs Steel & Shadow both went last year and Wendy is still heart broken over that. She got a new German Shepherd pup recently, he's about 7 months old. She doesn't love him & hasn't bonded woof him, she feels he deserves better than her cuz he's a good dog. Tonight Mom & Wendy were talking about this again & again Mom said fur Wendy to give it time. Them Mom said that Wendy could just pretend fur now that she's baby sitting Brynx fur Mom and if she doesn't love him by the time I leave Earth, then Brynx will come here to live woof Mom. That way Mom won't be alone woofout a dog when I go, and she'll already like Brynx lots & he likes her so they can be pals. Mom thinks that Wendy will fall in love woof Brynx before then... and if she doesn't then Mom will be happy to bring him home, even tho she never has wanted a German Shepherd. She'll love the soul that is inside the body anyway.

I don't like to think of another dog being here instead of me, though I'm glad Mom wouldn't be alone and will have another dog to protect her & love her.

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