Oct 2, 2008

Random Barks

- Mom has a new-to-her set of 2 big arm chairs that you can put together and make a love seat. They're brown and she got 'em off Freecycle.
- One of Mom's big chairs is close to the parrot cage, so now the parrot comes out of the cage, onto the chair, and gets Mom to feed her little bits of what Mom's eating.
- Mom gives her apple cores to the rat and he loves them. When Mom asked Kashi's last owner if he likes fruit and veggies, they didn't know. Guess they never gave him any. Don't think they cleaned his cage much either, or ever gave him a bath.
- There's a sale on a thing called a pulse oximeter.


surveillance cameras said...

It is sad how some pet owners do not really take good care of their pets. I got a turtle from some people and they only fed it veggies, it turns out turtles really love worms and this poor guy was missing out on these before.

Jersey said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Reba!