Oct 18, 2008

Flies Bug Me

Twinkle twinkle,
Little fly
How I wish
You'd F off and die.
So many flying
In our home
Why don't you find
Another place to roam.
You are so irritating
You make me heave.
I really want you
All to just leave.

Reba Jane Rottenweiler
October 18, 2008

Mom sure would love to find the fly swatter she knows she has somewhere. The flies are really driving her crazy. She can't spray them cuz there's too many critters in the house that could get sick from it.


meemsnyc said...

I love your poem. We hate flies too. We like to swat them dead.

recycling bin said...

My dog can't stand the flies either! I feel so bad for her the way she runs around chomping at them so I try to get the swatter and take care of them. Sadly this time of year it seems like a lot of them want to come into the house since it is getting colder outside.

Freezer Meals said...

I hate flies, it seems that they jsut want to irritate humans. I try to catch them anytime they are around and then release them outside. or crush them into oblivion.