Oct 16, 2008

Doggin' It

As a dog, I tend to remember a lot of stuff. Hey, in order to get buy, you have to remember where you left yur favorite bones, or where you left yur toys, and where yur hooman puts yur toys when she cleans the house. If you furget those things life just doesn't work so well. Humans have to remember more stuff than we do I guess, like Mom 'Bean has to remember to wake up in the morning, and that seems to be hard fur her most days. She also has to remember to feed all 11 of us critters that share her life. There are lots of other things she has to remember too. Unfortunately fur her, there are lots of things she furgets. Mom 'Bean has said before that she wishes she had a real good memory, like the computer memory, so she could just push a button and retrieve what she needs to know. Or maybe she if she had a good memory bank she could make deposits and withdrawls, arf. arf. arf.

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