Oct 29, 2008

Dream Story

Today I had a doggy dream when I was sleeping outside in my dog house. In the dream I was walking along the creek up at my favorite dog park, and it was a warm summer day... so warm in fact that I was really happy to walk into the creek and lay down in the water. After awhile I got up and walked over to the Outer Banks of the creek. When I was there I sniffed around then started to dig in the dirt, and found a golden bone. I brought the bone back across the creek and put it into a big bag Mom was carrying.

The truth is that I never go very far into the water. I like to wade, but not to go deep and never walk all the way across the creek. The golden bone though... that could come true. Couldn't it? Arf, arf, arf. Aren't dreams funny?

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