Oct 2, 2008

Fall Change Over

All summer I've ridden in the back of Mom's truck inside a rack she got built to keep me safe in the truck while keeping me cool as possible in the hot summer time. I like that, and I like that I can stick my head through the window into the cab of the truck and visit woof Mom while we drive. Now that the hot weather is over 'til next year, Mom & our friend Dan took the rack off and put the canopy back on again. This keeps me more protected from wind, rain, snow, and cold like that. I don't like that the front window doesn't open, so I can't put my head through it into the cab. I have to ride all alone back there woof the canopy on. Oh well, I still would rather go woof Mom in the truck than stay home while she goes woofout me. Woof the way the weather has been and then the way it changed today, I think they picked a purrrrfect time to make the change over. Now she needs to get her winter wheels on and put the summer ones away again.

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Gattina said...

Oh yes, Reba ! summer is over ! even Kim the cat sleeps inside now !