Oct 28, 2008

Can I Have Cheese Woof My Whine??

Today Mom left me home while she and Dan took a drive... whine. Oh ya, so the back of the truck, the place where I ride, was full of garbage and a old fridge, they could've fit me into the cab and took me along. This evening Mom went to town fur a couple things, including the first of 8 weeks of classes, studying The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures by Judge Thomas Troward. I think it must be a pretty hard class cuz everyone came out looking a little dazed, arf arf arf.

When Mom was in a store before we went to class, I was talking to a dog I know and she said that another dog we know is gonna have puppies. I bet she gets lots of unique baby gifts.

I wish we could go walking at the dog park every day, but I'm happy to at least get to go along fur the ride. Just to be near Mom 'Bean. Every time she gets in or out of the truck she takes a moment to pet me or even just to say a few words to let me know she won't be long.

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