Oct 2, 2008

An Animal Show

Things here at home are a real animal show lately. I mean, really. Bark!!!

It wasn't enough that Mom had me, a rabbit, a budgie bird and 5 chinchillas, but at the start of the summer she brought home a parrot and they talk to each other. "Pretty bird", "Pretty bird", back and forth it goes. Sheeeesh, she's not that pretty. Then in August, she lets our friend Cyndi bring a cat over and drop it off here so it wouldn't have to go to the SPCA animal shelter and live in a little cage 'n all this other crud. It loves Mom, but spits and snarls at me, threatening me woof her claws. That made 10 of us critters living here in the house woof Mom. That should be enough. Should, ya.

About a week and a half ago, Mom got a delivery here. Two ringneck doves. Then a day or two later, another delivery. A rat!! A white RAT!!! For pete sake, what's next?? Yesterday, Mom got a visit from Shannon, then when I came in I noticed the 2 doves are gone now. She said she liked 'em but the cage was too small fur them so she gave 'em away so they can have a bigger cage and a better life. If it was spring instead of fall, I think she'd have made them a nice home out in our shed, but right now, woof winter coming on, I think the thought of frozen water dishes and trecks through the snow to look after 'em made a big difference. Does this mean Mom is getting old??

Oh ya, she keeps taking the rat, Kashi, out of the cage and letting the icky thing crawl around on her shoulders and in her hair and such. YUCK! I mean, it's a freaking RAT folks!!

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