Oct 28, 2008

Dog House is a Home

After Mom & Dan got back from the garbage dump, they did some yard work. It sure is nice of Dan to help Mom woof some of the big, hard stuff like this. I guess that's what friendship is about, bark. Anyway, they put some bricks down in my dog run, right at the base of the steps from the door to the ground. They're going to build a sidewalk, whatever that is. They only put a few down though cuz Dan told Mom that the stairs aren't right and that there should be a landing at the top of them, not just stairs up to the door, so Mom said "okay, lets put a landing there then." Dan agreed, but said not until Spring, that Mom has too much to do before snow already. So she agreed to wait 'til Spring, so said she won't put the sidewalk in until the steps are done. So they just moved all the small pile of bricks from where they were into my run so they're out of the way fur some other stuff Mom wants to do this week. She wants her travel trailer what can't travel moved up and parked right outside my run, and so has to move the last piece of old fence she just tore down. The bricks were against it, so had to be moved before the fence could be taken out and all that kind 'a stuff, arf arf. Life sure is a lot easier when yur a dog.

Anther thing Mom did was took the very old and worn down foam thingy out of my house, and she swept a lil bit of dirt and dog hair out of there... checked to make sure it was dry in there still. The roof is looking a lil ruff, so Mom wanted to make sure all was well. Guess that's what you call home insurance, arf arf arf. She insured my home, well, my dog house anyway, was good fur when I need to use it. She wants to put a new roof on it fur me as soon as she can, but said this roof will be okay 'til next year.

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