Aug 21, 2008

Random Barks

- today Mom took me fur my first ride in the truck since she painted my rack. It sure was nice, but she furgot to open the sliding window so I could stick my head into the cab.

- Mom picked up a bunch of windows and put 'em into the back of the truck, so there was no room in there fur me. I thought fur a bit I was goin' to have a problem, but then Mom put me into the cab woof her. This is the very first time she's ever let me ride inside woof her. Well, wait a minute. There was 2 times before when it was raining and she came out of somewhere to find me in the back of the cab cuz I'd crawled through the window. Cuz it was raining she let me stay inside. but this is the first time I gots to get in through the door. Mom told me not to get used to it, that this is a one time thing. Ya right. I'll stay out of the cab like she'll get taken on one of those Brazil vacation packages. Just wait. I'll find a way to get in there again, arf arf arf.

- Mom took me to the dog park today after we got the windows. We only got to go around one time, but it was sO good!! It's been too long since we were last there and I sure hope we get there again soon. Mom said likely tomorrow cuz she has to go in anyway.

- After running at the park I feel more like relaxing and takin' it easy tonight. Think maybe a nap is in order soon.

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