Aug 28, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 5

This is Day 5 of this new Photo Challenge, hosted my my hooman Mom at her blog, I Was Born2Cree8.

Sometimes bridges must get scared, just like Mom's new cat. They hide, just like Mom's new cat hides from me. So, tonight I'm going to show you some hiding bridges. Bark!! I sniffed 'em out just fur you!!

This first pikture is to show you the creek that goes under the bridge, and the bottom of it, just so you know that these really are bridges, arf arf. If you big the pikture, you kin see something teal colored through the bush in the top right corner.

This is Mom's & my truck. It is parked on the hiding bridge, and it is the teal colored thing you saw through the bushes in the last pikture. It's hard to see the color of the truck in this pikture cuz it's parked in the shade to keep me comfortable. Yup, I'm in the back of the truck. If you big this pikture, you kin see me through the windshield. Look past all the crap stuff on the dash (no, it's not always like that), and you kin see the shape of my head between the bucket seets. If you can't see me very well, look in the rearview mirror.

See, told ya it was me!!

Now, more hiding bridges... two of 'em. There was only one before, but then they made the road wider last summer so had to put a second bridge in too. This is the new side.

This is the old side. Wait a minute. What else do I see?

Yup, figured so. It's another bridge, but this one isn't hiding. It's fur people and dogs to walk over. Mom and me went fur a walk woof Lyndi one time long time ago in dog years, and we walked over this 'foot' bridge.

This is the pretty lil bit in between the 2 hiding bridges.

I guess in that one pikture you got 3 bridges, a bit of one hiding bridge, lots of the other hiding bridge, and the foot bridge. Maybe I should say kitty bridges and the dog bridge standing right out there fur you to see easy, arf arf arf.

Doggy Disclaimer: I'z nice to kitties. I didn't even do nuthin' to make Mewsic cat hate me like this. Mom's still hoping that she'll learn to like me better. She's just new here and doesn't know me yet.



Carver said...

Hi Reba, I like your hidden bridges and the not so hidden one too. Nice seeing your pretty face through your mom's window.

ellen b said...

So glad to see you are getting out and having bridge adventures. A dog has to keep in shape...

Melli said...

Hiding bridges! I never thought of that - I guess some of them DO sort of hide! You're a gOOd sniffer Reba Jane!

Dr.John said...

Didn't know a dog was so good at finding bridges. But these are good pictures. I really like the foot bridge. I could walk with my dog there.

Minkydo said...

Great thinking! Hidden bridges was a great idea.

Glad you are nice to kitties. Give her some more time to get comfortable.

quilly said...

Reba, how is your mom supposed to drive with you hogging the rear-view mirror like that?

As to Mewsic -- your first greeting was too overly enthusiastic. You probably scared her out of half a life. It may take her awhile to get over that. Be patient.

juliana said...

hey, that's a lot of bridges for one post, and a pretty canine girl :)
thank you for showing all this to us.

Cat Rescue said...

I think that is great idea. So i appreciate that idea. Thanks