Sep 17, 2008

Great News

My hooman Mom is so excited 'bout a new job, a better way to buy me doggy cookies and maybe raw meet in the near future. This is what she said on her blog...

I'm really happy and excited to announce that I have just gotten a job/career/mission with a pay cheque. Haha. I have not had a paying job in many years because of the problems I have with my back and depression, but this one should work out. The owner of the company, Ray, goes to my Spiritual Centre and he knows I've got back problems and depression issues, and he's okay with that. On days I am in too much pain to get out and go on appointments, I can do phone work and emails... at home so I can do it laying down if need be, or work a bit and rest, work a bit and rest.

What I will be doing is helping to reduce the use of paper in advertising, while helping store & restuarant owners reduce the cost of their advertising and making it easier for the consumer to find information on products and sales. Want to know what a certain restaurant has on their menu, or for that days special? Traveling and want to find a good restaurant that serves steaks? or Chinese food? Go to your computer, or your cell phone that connects to the internet, and bring up Wa Laa... You click on the name of the town, look at the list of restaurants and choose which ones to take a closer look at. Simple as that. For other products,

I believe I will enjoy this work, be doing something good for the health of the planet, and help small business owners to save some money... all while enjoying myself. How's that for great?

I am grateful for this bundle of opportunities.

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