Sep 17, 2008

Random Barks

- Woof Mom's new job I can go to work woof her. Sometimes she'll be making phone calls from our home, and sometimes visiting restaurants and stores, and I get to go woof her and wait in the truck 'til she has time to take me to the dog park.
- Some people think that these pills are the best fat burner. I'm just a dog, but think that trips to the dog park work best fur me; arf, arf, arf.
- Out cat, Mewsic, is still scared of me and she gets all hissy and spitty when I try to get near her. Stupid cat.
- The other day I went to sniff the parrot and think I almost got my nose bit. Stupid bird.
- With this wonderful warm, sunny weather we've been having, Mom & I get to go to the dog park more often than we did in the real hot summer time.
- Did I ever tell you I like going to the dog park?
- At the gas station where Mom gets the truck big drinks, they give me doggy cookies. I likes it there.


quilly said...

I like pet friendly businesses. That's a great gas station!

background checks blog said...

My dog likes how most drive throughs from fast food to banks now have cookies for doggies waiting for them at the window.